Grills and Chills: The Yard, Kala Ghoda

Grills and Chills: The Yard, Kala Ghoda

The yard Kala ghoda the yard review the yard restaurant review the yard kala ghoda food review food review of the yard The interiors of The Yard.

In the past few weeks Kala Ghoda has been buzzing with new restaurants. We’ve had The Boston Butt and Hitchki, and now a new eatery serving American-style steaks and grills has opened its doors.

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The Yard – as the name suggests – has an old grungy yardhouse kind of décor with tin walls, scrape wood tables, exposed pipes and Edison bulbs. The inspiration for the name and décor comes from owner Sarfaraz Saifuddin Delhiwala’s days of working at a machine yard.

Created by Chef Mikhail Shahani (of 212 Bar And Grill and Café Sundance fame), the menu does not serve pork or alcohol, but has an interesting cocktail menu. Try the Lemonade with jalapenos adding just the right touch of spiciness or the Melon and Kiwi Cooler.

lobster tails the yard the yard review the yard restaurant review Lobster tails. Photo: Shirin Mehrotra

The menu includes appetisers like Tenderloin Carpaccio – with just the right amount of seasoning, Eggplant Involtini – oven-roasted eggplant rolls stuffed with mozzarella and served with tangy tomato sauce and basil chips, and Oven Baked Camembert Cheese. There are sandwiches, sliders, burgers, pizzas, risotto and pasta on the menu too. We tried the Beef Pepperoni Pizza, which felt like a desperate attempt to please the pepperoni loving crowd.

The DIY Western Barbecues section is the hero of the menu with over 15 options of meats and cuts including tenderloin, T bone, lobster tails and duck breast served rare to medium rare. You can make a meal out of them by picking your choice of side, veggies and sauce. The Butter and Garlic Lobster Tail was mildly flavoured with perfectly cooked meat. Served with a side of thick and crispy potato wedges, the Rosemary and Mint Irish Lamb Chops had tender meat falling of the bones. Our medium to rare Tenderloin Steak with black pepper jus was rather chewy and left us a bit disappointed.

What impressed us the most about The Yard was that despite being at a prime location, the restaurant does not price itself too high. The barbecue section stays between the range of Rs 450 to 650 making it an inexpensive meal.

Where: The Yard, Old Bake House, opp Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Head Office, Kala Ghoda

Time: 12.30pm – 12.30am

Price: Rs 2000 for a meal for two

The author was invited by the restaurant for a tasting session.

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