Home Chef Gitika Saikia's Latest Pop-Up To Serve Nepali Food From Assam

Home Chef Gitika Saikias Latest Pop-Up To Serve Nepali Food From Assam

nepali food pop up nepali pop up nepali food mumbai pop ups gitika saikia pop ups Treats that will be served at the pop-up. Photo: APB Cook Studio

Mumbai's Assamese pop-up queen Gitika Saikia is back with her latest - a Nepali food pop-up on the occasion of Durga Puja. On October 2, Saikia will be hosting a one-of-a-kind meal featuring dishes belonging to the Nepali community settled in the North East.

Dashain or Durga Puja for the Nepali community is as big a festival as it is in West Bengal and Assam. "My connection with Nepali cuisine goes back to my childhood when I would visit Nepali friends and families in our village during Durga Puja, weddings and other festivities. So it was quite natural for me to celebrate Durga Puja this year by introducing a Nepali pop-up to Mumbaikars," says Gitika.

Expect a five-course menu at Dashain complete with festive as well as regular dishes. Start with Sel Roti - rice flour doughnuts served with Po Cha or butter tea, Wo - lentil pancakes which are shallow fried, then Alu ko achar - potatoes fried with spices and sesame with Gundruk - chutney made of fermented leaves and beans, Dhindo - millet flour porridge and corn meal with Khukura Ko Maso - Nepali chicken curry, Khasi Ko Maasu - mutton curry and end the meal with Makhana kheer. Gitika has sourced the Gundruk or chutney from her hometown in Assam as it requires to be fermented over a period of time.

What: Dashain

When: Oct 2, Sunday, 12 pm - 2 pm

Where: APB Cook Studio, Saki Vihar

Contact: 022-42152799

Price: Rs. 1550 (including taxes)

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