How To Make Dalgona Coffee Recipe At Home

How To Make Dalgona Coffee Recipe At Home

The raging arm-ercising Tik Tok trend that got everyone making the Dalgona coffee caught up like a storm. Everyone was trying it & is still trying to make it in different versions. The videos are flooding on other social media platforms too & don't seem to stop any time soon. Instagrammers have gone crazy too for this coffee! Dalgona Coffee is a technique that most Indians think to have come from the "Phentu" technique of mixing coffee, sugar & water! To all those who don't know what Phentu means, it means, whisked!

However much, the technique of whisking coffee seems familiar, the trick here is using precise measurements, which in my opinion was indeed game-changing! The silky cloud-like foam sitting on top of iced milk was a revelation! Of course, it's a task but don't you think that this technique came around at the right time? While you're sitting at home and would probably crave for a cup of good coffee, whipping up a Dalgona Coffee seems like a good idea. Although, it is one of those arm-hustling recipes that gives a good workout to your arms (so, it's good, right?), patience for the silky foam to form is clearly a memo you've not got yet! This one is for all those who've had failed attempts or gave up just before the foam started forming! It takes some time, so be patient & keep at it. Oh boy! It's so beautiful how recipes can teach you some perfect life-lessons!

dalgona coffee

Ingredients for 2 cups of coffee:

4 tbsp Instant Coffee Powder

4 tbsp Sugar (caster or granulated)

4 tbsp hot water


1. Mix all three above ingredients

2. And, whisk away until a think silky foam forms.

3. Take 5-6 ice cubes in a glass or mug.

4. Add cold milk, filling 3/4 of the glass.

5. Spoon out the coffee foam and place it on the milk.

6. Stir it well mixing it with the milk. (Of, course after Instagramming it)

7. Sip & enjoy.

If you want to see the recipe video, head to our Instagram page & you'll know that it's totally worth all the effort.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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