Huber & Holly's 24 Karat Gold Ice Cream Decoded

Huber & Hollys 24 Karat Gold Ice Cream Decoded

Originally a Havmor brand, Huber & Holly focuses on fresh, artisanal ice creams that are churned right in front of you and served fresh. From their first ice cream store in Ahmedabad in 2017, the brand has now branched out to Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The Midas Touch

I was excited to visit the ice cream store for their much-hyped The Might Midas. The ice cream, a visual treat, is worth Rs 1,000 thanks to the 24 karat gold leaf that adorns it.

Mighty Midas at Huber and Holly

Deconstructing the Ice Cream

The fresh waffle cone is first stuffed with what would otherwise be your ice cream toppings like nutty praline, brownie bits, ruby nutties, mini macarons, chocolate balls, toasted almonds, a drizzle of hot fudge sauce, a couple scoops of Belgian chocolate ice cream and a handful of Rocher rocks. And, that’s only halfway through.

Huber and Holly Mighty Midas

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Then it's topped with a generous swirl of Huber and Holly’s signature Golden Chocolate ice cream. The third and final step is the garnish which alone screams royalty. The gold-dusted chocolate disk with the Huber and Holly logo is pressed in with a dropper filled with a tangy yet sweet passion fruit sauce and a drizzle of caramel sauce. All of this is topped with a 24 karat gold leaf. Voila! The Mighty Midas is all set to be devoured by me. Fancy much?


The Golden Chocolate ice cream was a little too sweet for my liking but when the Mighty Midas fell and I got a chance to dunk my spoon in the bitter Belgian chocolate ice cream (which also happens to be my favourite) the flavours magically balanced off the sweetness.

Oh and did I mention, this ice cream is HUGE! You need at least 2 to 3 people to finish it (heads up, don’t go there after a heavy meal). Although, I couldn’t finish it, the sheer joy of it being made in front of me left me smiling wide.

What Else?

The menu is extensive and inspired by the owner, Gayatri Chona’s travels. Each time she travels, there’s a unique addition in their already fascinating menu. Offering exclusive flavours like Charcoal Lychee and Vegan Ice Cream flavours (made with coconut milk) that change frequently, Huber and Holly gives you a different flavour to experience every time you visit.

Huber and Holly Mumbai Huber & Holly leaves you spoilt for choice

All the ice creams are made in small batches to maintain a smooth texture and most of the toppings are made in-house to ensure quality. The use of premium ingredients and the personal attention to detail is evident in every bite you take.

If you’re in the mood for some ice cream cake, you must try their Very Berry Cheesecake! It is a delicious lavender on the outside and has clean layers of lavender and white on the inside.

There's More

It doesn’t end with dessert and ice cream for Huber & Holly. The ice cream parlour has gone a step ahead with their savoury menu. An intriguing thing I noticed at the store was the footlong fries. Inspired by the World Cafe, they were actually one foot long. I was too full from the Mighty Midas so I had to skip the fries despite my tastebuds demanding otherwise.

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