IFN Firsts: My First Restaurant Customer

IFN Firsts: My First Restaurant Customer

The first people we ever served at Candy & Green was an Asian couple who were on vacation and happened to stop by to check out a new opening they read about, but unfortunately we were not open yet (we were opening the next day). So we offered them cold beers and set up a small impromptu tasting for them. They were very sweet - they even posted selfies with me on their social media page wishing me good luck.

My first real customers came to me for high tea on February 20th 2017. It was a group of elderly posh ladies from the Breach Candy area that were catching up for a coffee and a snack. They actually had no idea that it was our first day and they were my first customers, it turns out that one of their granddaughters read about us and recommended it to them.

They were very kind and when I told them how important their visit was to us. They put me in-charge of their order and told me to call for my favourites. One of the women loved the food so much that she ordered the exact same thing to be parceled so she could take it home for her granddaughter who recommended the restaurant. I don't recall the exact order but I know they called the chef out to praise the Favourite Kale Salad and Zucchini Parcels.

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