IFN My Mother's Day YouTube Live: India's Top Chefs & Blogger Moms Chat Food & Kids

IFN My Mothers Day YouTube Live: Indias Top Chefs & Blogger Moms Chat Food & Kids

My Mother's Day, Mother's Day special, Mother's Day, IFN chefs, chefs, Indian youtube chefs, Amrita Raichand, Neha Mathur, Nandita Iyer, Monika Manchanda Clockwise -- Amrita Raichand, Neha Mathur, Monika Manchanda & Nandita Iyer

Being a mother is a tough job, and they say, no one can replace a mother! So this Mother's Day, India Food Network caught up with some of our top chefs from the network to chat all things food and parenting.

Having been brought up by working mothers - Amrita Raichand, Neha Mathur, Nandita Iyer and Monika Manchanda - have fond memories of what they ate as kids. "My mother was a doctor, and my early memories are of the very interesting school dabbas that she packed for us despite being pressed for time," says blogger and food consultant Neha Mathur.

With changing times, when they themselves became mothers, food became an important part as well. "When my son was 6 months old, I started feeding him pureed veggies, and that is very important according to me as it makes them less fussy about food," says food blogger Nandita Iyer.

Right from stories of their mothers' cooking to their own, these women have come a long way. If you missed all the LIVE action about their journeys, kitchen hack stories and how they keep themselves and their kids healthy, watch the My Mother's Day YouTube Live below.

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