IFN Rapid Fire: Chef Ajay Chopra

IFN Rapid Fire: Chef Ajay Chopra

Chef Ajay Chopra

You know him as a celebrity chef, who loves to whip up dishes that are traditional yet modern to suit the contemporary palate. But, did you know that Chef Ajay Chopra loves to strum the guitar too?

This time on IFN Rapid Fire, we asked the former MasterChef India co-judge, foodpreneur, cookbook author and family man, questions close to his heart.

Some interesting excerpts:

"In the home kitchen, the dude is my wife."

"Food is simple. We try and complicate it a lot."

"Knowing your flavours will make you a brilliant chef!"

"I cannot operate in a kitchen that is dirty."

"I usually sing to glorify God."

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE: IFN Rapid Fire: Chef Ajay Chopra

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