In Pics: Where to Go Ramzan Feasting in the Mumbai Suburbs

In Pics: Where to Go Ramzan Feasting in the Mumbai Suburbs

Paratha These gigantic paranthas are deep fried and served. Location: Bandra

The month of Ramzan is all about fasting, and feasting of course! The mere mention of ‘Mohammed Ali Road’ (in south Mumbai) ignites an image of endless bingeing of kebabs, biryanis, meat rolls and what not.

If you take a food walk in Mumbai during Ramzan, you will be surprised to discover lanes and bylanes across the city replete with aromas of chargrilled kebabs and tandoori chicken, piping hot jalebis, and ghee laden-malpuas.

India Food Network went on a food coma on one such food walk in the suburbs. Here's what unfolded near Malcolm Baug in Jogeshwari and outside Bandra station reassuring people's love for food.

Seekh Kebab

Succulent pieces of meat marinated with spices and left on skewers to grill. The result is juicy kebabs that are served with mint and lime, and simply irresistible!

Location: Bandra station

Tandoori Chicken final

Tandoori chicken wait for their turn to be grilled to perfection!

Location: Bandra station


What happens when Basmati rice is flavoured with garam masalas and cooked with meat for hours? Biryani, of course!

Location: Outside Jogeshwari station


When the sun goes down, hundreds of people gather to savour a plate of haleem. A Hyderabadi speciality, the dish is the result of slow cooked lentils blended with meat and spices for seven to eight hours.

Location: Outside Jogeshwari station

Beef roll

What food lover does not love wraps and rolls? These beef rolls, filled with minced meat and then wrapped and fried in pure ghee is what the hype is all about.

Location: Jogeshwari


Halwa or sheera prepared with lots of dried fruits and saffron could give your sweet tooth the high it needs.

Location: Outside Jogeshwari station

Crsipy chicken

Crispy chicken cutlets waiting to be devoured. Any takers?

Location: Outside Jogeshwari station

Head to these food zones in the suburbs to experience the charm and taste beyond what Mohammed Ali Road has to offer. You will not complain for sure.

Photos: Akshay Nair

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