Intermitent Fasting FAQs

Intermitent Fasting FAQs

Who is intermittent fasting for?

Intermittent fasting is for anyone who is interested in improving their health, improving their body composition and improving their productivity.

I recommend this as the first step in a journey towards a healthy you. The reason being, you don’t have to change what you eat, just change when you eat it! So continue to eat the same food but have a longer break between your last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day. Once this is in place we can move to understanding food and the choices you make there.

I get so hungry when I don’t eat for two hours, how will I survive 16 hours!?

The truth is, that if you are reading this on a laptop or a phone, you belong to a town or a city. We do not know what hunger is if we live in cities. We have been blessed with surplus food. In fact, most of our lifestyle diseases are due to overindulgence, a problem of plenty.

Real hunger is not that funny feeling in the stomach or the noises that come from your tummy.

When you feel hungry, chances are it’s one of these:

  1. Boredom - Peanuts or biscuits at 4 pm on a working day.
  2. Stress - We all stress eat.
  3. Thirst - The body cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst.

But I will faint if I don’t eat!

As a society, we have been brainwashed to believe that if we don’t eat, we will faint, get headaches, throw up and our blood sugar will fall. The truth is that our bodies are masters of maintaining our blood sugar. It is very rare for a person to faint due to low blood sugar. It can happen if you are on a blood sugar lowering medication.

I get Headaches when I fast, what can I do?

The headaches can come for a number of reasons.

  1. Your normal diet is full of sugar and carbohydrates and the headaches are the body craving for it: This will pass as the body start curbing these cravings.
  2. You are not drinking enough water: Drink a full glass of water and sip the second one.
  3. You are deficient in minerals and salts: I suggest adding a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt to your water.
  4. You are too stressed about the fast: Many people are so stressed about not eating that they get these headaches.

If you have tried all the above, then break your fast. Eat something and see how you feel. Try again tomorrow.

Are Diet Sodas allowed?

Yes, you can technically have a diet soda. Because it doesn’t create an insulin response. When we fast we are trying not to create a situation where the body produces insulin.

However, diet sodas are full of chemicals that are very very bad for the body. Many studies actually show an increase of body fat in groups consuming diet sodas v/s a control group and a group drinking regular soda.

There are alternatives if you want a fizzy drink. You can have a soda sweetened with stevia. Or a fresh lime soda with salt. Yes, during your fast.

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Ashdin Doctor

Ashdin Doctor

Ashdin is a 'habit coach'. He believes that having an awesome life is easy. All we have to do is identify and create the right habits, routines and rituals. His technique is based on his personal journey fighting ill health and excess weight. It all began four years ago when he was living the dream. A new business and stressful and sleep-deprived days led to stress eating and he grew to an unhealthy 90 kgs which resulted in severe issues around his health. He decided enough was enough and took matters in his own hands. He started experimenting on himself deciding what worked, what was practical, or impractical for daily life. Was the effect tangible or not? He informally studied various perspectives on health, nutrition, fitness, exercise, anatomy, nervous system, habits, motivation, lifestyles and sleep. Today, he is fitter than ever before and has made it a mission in life to share this knowledge and wisdom and help transform other lives too! He partners with thought leaders, doctors and expert in various fields related to lifestyles and health in his two ventures FitterBee and Awesome180.

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