International Burger Day: 5 Of Our Favourite Burgers In Mumbai

International Burger Day: 5 Of Our Favourite Burgers In Mumbai

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It was International Burger Day on May 28, and we are dreaming about all the burgers that Mumbai has to offer. A city that equally loves its vada pav - a humble potato patty sandwiched between a pav - it is nice to find a great variety of hamburgers being created and innovated by cafes and restaurants.

Here's looking at 5 of our favourite burgers in Mumbai.

Jimis Burger: Situated in Malad and known for its Crunchy Fried Chicken burger, Jimis is a name to reckon with in the city. Expect a crunchy fried chicken patty with caramelised onion rings, orange and house relish to take you to burger heaven. Their Hybird Jaw Breaker is also interesting - a triple patty burger made with beef, pork and chicken patty basted in BBQ sauce along with their addictive house chorizo jam, fried egg, four slices of cheddar cheese and crispy bacon sandwiched between butter toasted buns.

Indigo Delicatessen: Indigo's Pulled Pork Burger and Deli Favourite Tenderloin Burger are our all-time favourite picks. The former has a patty made with shredded pork and cheese that melts in your mouth as you take a bite, and the latter comes with crispy bacon and a perfectly fried egg topped on a juicy meat patty. Are you dreaming about it, already?

The Irish House: This one lets you make your own burgers. Now how cool is that? The Irish House offers a DIY Burger Menu that lets you pick from 9 varieties of patties, 12 varieties of topping, 16 different sauces and 6 types of accompaniments. If you are feeling lazy to make your own burger, go for The Shroom Melt, which is a mushroom patty with four cheese melt, topped with caramelised onions, chipotle mayo and lettuce along with golden fried onion rings on side. Heaven is near!

Frisbees: The best burgers to have here are the Double Trouble and Caballo. The former is a beef burger with two beef patties, lettuce, grilled onions, mayo, tomatoes and cheese with a perfect flavour balance. Caballo is a lamb and chicken burger with chicken salami, grilled onions, grilled lamb patty, olive tapenade, tomatoes, cheese sauce and mayo. Tempted, enough?

Woodside Inn: We love the burgers here, and the ones you should not give a miss during your visit are the BBQ Burger with English Cheddar and the Naga Chili Spiced Crispy Chicken Burger. The latter is spiked with fiery Naga chillies, which give a kick to your otherwise ordinary chicken burger.

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