International Chefs Day: Cook Like A Chef With These Kitchen Tips

International Chefs Day: Cook Like A Chef With These Kitchen Tips

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Ever noticed how a dish made by a professional chef is so much more poised than the very same dish made at home? Even though the ingredients and cooking techniques are the same, the food never quite comes out looking or tasting like the one made in a restaurant kitchen.

On International Chefs Day, we spill a few secrets that chefs around the world follow in the kitchen, and what makes their food look like straight out of a food magazine!

Clean as you go

A good chef is one who believes that a clean kitchen counter makes for good food. Therefore, one of the most important things for a chef is to maintain cleanliness. Make sure that your kitchen platform is neat so that you can focus on the cooking. Always keep a napkin handy in case of any spills and to have all your cabinets spick and span.

Always prep up

If you watch food shows on TV, you will notice that professional chefs keep their vegetables cut and meats sliced before they start cooking. It is crucial for a good meal since you do not want to forget an ingredient during the process. Keep your veggies cleaned and chopped neatly on a plate, and spices in easy access.

Get organised

Make sure to have all your ingredients and utensils organised beforehand. Don't go out looking for a ladle or spice in the middle of the process. Having all your utensils, masalas and vegetables in one place is important to stay focused.

Learn a skill or two

There are several small elements that go into making that perfect dish. Be it a particular skill or a cool technique. For instance, it could be how you cut your veggies and meat. Most chefs learn to master their knife skills while in school. You can do it too by referring to tutorials on YouTube. A little finesse goes a long way in tying the dish together.

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Plate it right

Presentation plays an important role too. The world's best chefs focus on presentation as much on the flavour of the dish. Make sure to serve food that is visually appealing by serving it on a clean plate and garnishing it with interesting things.

Be inspired

Get inspired more often to create great food. All the best chefs in the world are constantly looking for inspiration to create magic on the plate. It could be anything big or small, as long as it inspires you, you know it will make for a good meal.

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