International Instagrammers You Must Follow For Incredible Food Art

International Instagrammers You Must Follow For Incredible Food Art

instagram Instagram stories food artists Carl from the movie 'Up' by jacobs_food_diaries.

Food art is the latest fascination on Instagram. And Instagrammers are using this opportunity to depict food stories in their own unique way. The social media platform is abuzz with drool-worthy and creative edible creations by food artistes. Check out our favourite Instagram food artistes; make sure you do not pursue on an empty stomach!

Jessica Siskin @mister_krisp

A self-claimed "cereal killer", Jessica makes the most amazing creations out of rice crispies. From Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes to Kimojis to fruit kebabs, there is nothing she can't recreate with her trustee rice crispies.

Samantha Lee @leesamantha

Samantha Lee is a food artiste who believes in telling stories through food. Little beings made with rice are all over her feed, each portraying a different picture. Make sure to check out Samantha's timeline, and who knows you might even find your favourite characters on a plate!

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Eugenie @eugeniekitchen

Eugenie's YouTube channel 'Eugenie's kitchen' demonstrates colourful desserts that are anything, but ordinary. Her Instagram account too is a dessert wonderland featuring beautiful little rainbow heart cookies, heart-shaped pancakes, colourful glazed doughnuts and even marbled Easter eggs.

Laleh Mohmedi @jacobs_food_diaries

Melbourne-based mom, Laleh Mohmedi started food art to stop her son from cribbing about food. She turns the most basic fruits, veggies and grains into little 3D characters. She has worked with Jamie Oliver, Disney, Westfield and Wonderful Pistachios on food creations for children of different age groups.

Ida Skivenes @idafrosk

Ida left her job in statistics to be a full-time food artiste. She paints a story through food on colourful plates with crackers, fruits and cheese. Her little creations look like they are taken straight out of a children’s storybook!

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