Keep It Simple, Make It Quick -That’s Capricorn!

Keep It Simple, Make It Quick -That’s Capricorn!

Christmas is a Capricorn festival, and most Capricorns enjoy it to the hilt. The usually staid Capricorn shall let down his hair and join the revelry. Of course, the wine and cake make it easier for the Capricorn to do so, and while you must certainly enjoy this, you dear Goat, do remember that both, if not had in moderation, shall bring on the burps and bloats before you can say ‘Happy New Year’. Take care of those knees and bones through the year, so that you can dance till the wee hours (if you are one of the Capricorns that actually does enjoy dancing!).

Capricorn rules the skeletal system and bones. This is a sign that is generally described as healthy and endurable. That is the good news. The not-so-good news is that if the Capricorn does not eat right, the bones are the first to show signs of distress. Pains in the joints and bones, sensitivity to changing weather conditions, rheumatism, and so on are emphasized when the diet is not rich in Calcium. Vitamin D is another requirement for the Capricorn, and sunlight is the richest and best source of this vital vitamin. A brisk morning walk is what

keeps the Capricorn in good health. But wear the right shoes – remember, the knees are an area of potential trouble.

Foods like spinach, celery, cabbage, carrot, nuts, seeds, broccoli, figs, grapes, yogurt, cheese, beans, and lentils are good for the Capricorn as they are a rich source of calcium. The protein that is required for the overall health of the hardy Capricorn can come from poultry, fish, and eggs, instead of red meat, which often does not go down well. The carbohydrate requirement is amply met by brown rice, cereals, and oats.

The skin is another area where the Capricorn must take great care. Daily moisturizing is needed, and foods rich in natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and salmon oil are also good as part of the daily diet. What will irritate the skin more are chocolate and refined sugar. These are often the cause of skin eruptions and rashes.

Lying on the opposite end of the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the Capricorn, like Cancer, must take care of the delicate stomach that can flare up when spices, masalas, and heavily seasoned foods are eaten in large quantities. The Capricorn is a creature of habit, and this can also extend to their food where they eat the same meal repeatedly. This should be avoided so that the diet is a balanced and a well-rounded one. Diversifying the meals shall add not only interest to the meals, but shall enable you, dear Capricorn, to eat all the foods that are good for your skin, teeth, and bones.

It’s the rare Capricorn who does not enjoy some form of alcohol, and while this is fine in moderation, the Capricorn must avoid overuse of this at all cost. Alcohol shall upset the tentative balance of the Capricorn’s stomach. The high sugar content present in the alcohol plays havoc on the skin and hair and brings about acidity and indigestion.

No other sign ages as well as Capricorn. Their health stands them in good stead as they age, and if they have taken care of their knees, joints, and skin through their lives, and stayed away from alcohol, rich foods, and cigarettes, they shall be able to enjoy a pain-free old age. To ensure this, the Capricorn requires enough sleep, enough exercise, and a balance between work and play.

Rodin’s ‘Thinker’ could well have been a Capricorn. Yes, the Goat thinks! Though they tend to indulge in mental rumination more than they should, the Capricorns are clear-headed, logical thinkers, and an asset when practical ideas are called for. Daily intake of one large walnut and five to six almonds (not the salted or chocolate coated ones!) will help them to stay sharp and alert.

Security in relationships as well as in career is of great import to the Capricorn. They find security in things that are simple and down-to-earth. What appeals to their simple and conservative nature is food that is wholesome, honest, tasty and home-cooked. Needless over-complication of food and fancy new techniques do not appeal to the down-to-the-earth goat. ‘Keep it simple, make it quick’ is your typical Capricorn in the kitchen! Recipes appeal to their sense of structure, but long-winded recipes having several steps shall be chucked

immediately. Though they do not like kitchen work too much, once they are in there, they are often good cooks. Though you may not find many Capricorns making Christmas cake, you shall certainly find a good many chomping down several slices of the boozy bliss! Go ahead, Capricorn, have a great festive season.

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