Kunal Vijayakar Predicts 2017's Biggest Food Trends

Kunal Vijayakar Predicts 2017s Biggest Food Trends

kunal vijaykar food trends 2017 indian food ramen recipes filipino food Bowl food is predicted to be a raging trend in 2017. Photo via Dreamstime

Bowl foods, farm-to-table concepts, faux meats and the likes are here to stay in 2017. But, what will be the biggest of them all?

Food writer and TV host Kunal Vijayakar predicts the biggest food trends that will rule the industry this year.

"Filipino cuisine," he exclaims! “I have been trying to explore Filipino food and it’s a cuisine that pairs well with the Indian palate considering it is spicy and flavourful,” he says.

The regional food movement will continue to reign in 2017, feels Vijayakar. More and more regional cuisines will be explored, Asian and other native foods will be on the radar in India and globally.

Meanwhile faux meat or meat dishes prepared with plant-based proteins will be a big thing on the table, says the food writer. We are thinking, how about a faux meat burger?

A trend that could get big is also flavour combinations like sweet and spicy. Although our taste buds are accustomed to it, these flavours may seem to rule the global palate. Finally our chutneys will get their due, don't you think so?

Vijayakar also believes that the global trend of eating from bowls will catch on in 2017, stating Ramen is a fine example. “It is said that the vessel in which one eats from affects the perception of the particular dish. So when one eats from a bowl, there is a certain vibe that you get which is different from eating out of a heavier vessel,” he says.

Last but not the least, everybody's favourite 'foodie' suggests that the year will see more of virtual restaurants or delivery-only brands. While some chefs and businesses in Mumbai have already started experimenting this trend, expect to eat more through apps! "Food delivery models will change, and taking cue from Domino's, you will find drones at the doorstep to hand over your food," he ends.

So, what are you excited to eat this year?

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