How To Make Your Diet Summer-Friendly

How To Make Your Diet Summer-Friendly

summer specials, summer diet, food, indian food, tips and tricks Keep yourself hydrated during the summer time.

While our summer dreams are made of clear blue skies, longer days and exotic vacations, the reality is quite different. The stinging heat, sweaty clothes and the forever rising temperatures are what we actually have to deal with every summer.

It is a cause of worry and therefore let's make sure our diets are good enough to deal with the heat. Here are a few changes in your diet that can go a long way this summer.

Fresh Fruits And Veggies

With your body working extra hard to keep you going in the extreme heat, you can give back by eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies. Watermelon, cucumber, peaches, kale are some of the fruits and veggies to add to your diet this summer. Toss them into a salad or eat them as they are, either way don't forget to stack them on your plate.

Drink Up

Make sure to add a lot of fluids to your system. From nariyal paani, buttermilk or chaas, neembu paani, aam panna to homemade juices and smoothies, whatever is your pick, have a couple of glasses each day to save yourself from getting dehydrated. And if you aren’t a fan of any of these, just plain cold water will do the trick. And lots of it!

Say No To Spicy Food

As much as you love all your spicy curries, take a step back from them during summer. Instead, go for simple homely food with less spices and grease. It will hurt to not dip your roti in the spice-laden delights, but it’s all for your own good as spicy food takes longer to digest when the weather is hot outside. Opt for some simple dal, rice, sabzi and some salad or even a simple khichdi or soup.

Reduce The Meat

Put those tandoori kebabs aside, and scoop up some vegetables and soups during the summer months. Meats don’t go well with heat as they are heavy and harder to absorb in the body. Go for a nice vegetarian meal with lots of fresh salad and you will be ready to deal with whatever summer throws at you.

Eat Smaller Meals

Don't go greedy looking at a huge bowl of your favourite snack. Although it may be very tempting, try to eat in small portions instead of hogging everything at once. Summer isn't the best time to have a king-size meal as it can and will definitely mess up your system. Eat light, healthy meals.

Cut Back On Alcohol

Now summers are a time when a long vacation is on the list and although sitting on a yacht with a tall glass of champagne is what most of us dream of, it might be a good idea to keep the glass away. Drinking too much alcohol may lead to severe dehydration which isn't something you would want in a hot environment. So while a bottle of chilled beer does sound enticing, stick to a berry smoothie maybe?

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