How to Make Holi Colours in Your Kitchen!

How to Make Holi Colours in Your Kitchen!

If you have sensitive skin, you probably dread Holi and the plethora of harsh colours and dirty water it inevitably heralds. You end up staying home and missing out on all the fun. But the side effects of commercially produced colours are not to be ignored.

They contain several harmful chemicals, not to mention mica dust and glass particles which can damage the skin. The artificial dyes and chemicals can cause eczema, alopecia and secondary bacterial infections. Our ancestors had the right idea when they used spring flowers to make Holi colours.

Natural colours make kids happier on Holi

You may not have easy access to floral specimens but we're sure you have turmeric and spinach in your kitchen! Here are five easy, safe and eco-friendly Holi playing colours you can make from food items:

1. Yellow

Collect orange peels and dry them in the sun for a few days. Powder them in a blender once fully dry and you will have a bright yellow powder. What's more, this is a great brightening and exfoliating agent for your skin!

2. Orange

Mix turmeric powder haldi, gram flour (besan) and some henna (mehendi). Dry in the sun if you need powdered colour or add water to make a smooth paste.

3. Pink

Chop beetroot into slices or pieces and dry them in the sun for a few days. Then, powder them in a blender with some gram flour and you will have a beautiful pink powder. If playing with water, simply boil the beetroot and then blend in a processor for rich maroon liquid.

4. Green

Blanch spinach leaves in warm water and then grind them in a food processor, along with mint leaves and neem powder if desired. You'll have a deep green paste that you can mix with water for Holi festivities.

5. Red

Blend ripe tomatoes and strawberries in a food processor. Strain through a sieve and start filling it into water balloons!

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