Making Momos: The Latest Lockdown Trend

Making Momos: The Latest Lockdown Trend

Momos or dumplings seem to be the latest lockdown trend. You open Instagram and there you see someone making momos. I believe people are missing street food too much. If you could, you would call up your momo wale bhaiya and ask what's the secret ingredient that he adds that makes the momos so delicious. Making momos might look intimidating but they're actually really easy. There's a wide range of things that you can do with the stuffing of momos. Basically anything you like can be used as a stuffing. For example, chocolate, paneer, mushrooms, spinach & corn or Maggi! The choices are endless.

Here are 2 basic momo recipes that will make you miss your momos bhaiya a little lesser.

1. Chicken Dumplings

They're not as tough to make as you thought they were. This recipe is from Tiretta Bazaar, Kolkata. A food corner that was started by immigrants from China, we are basically blessed to have been able to see how authentic dumplings are made and now you can try this at home! You're welcome, everyone.

2. Veg Momos

Chef Sadaf Hussain teaches a very simple way to make momos which I'm definitely going to try this lockdown and really think you should too. A no-nonsense recipe, all these products are probably right in your kitchen. Have fun making it as much as you would enjoy eating it.

Fun Fact: Momos are considered a traditional delicacy in Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, and North Bengal. Also, they taste much better when you use your hands to eat it (we didn't say it, it's science). Momos are called by different names all around the world but somehow this Chinese dish has made its way in our hearts and almost in every corner of Mumbai.

Don't forget to make the red chilli chutney to go with this delicious delight. You can also see how to make this delicious garlic dipping sauce which tastes delicious with memos.

Learn how to make delicious dumplings right at home and get through these tough times, one momo at a time :)

Stay home, stay safe!

Sakshi Chaturvedi

Sakshi Chaturvedi

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