Maria Goretti On Her Mom's Prawn Curry, Starting A Restaurant & Kitchen Disasters

Maria Goretti On Her Moms Prawn Curry, Starting A Restaurant & Kitchen Disasters

Maria goretti Indian cooks Indian chefs Desi deli Indian food chef Interview From My Kitchen To Yours is Maria Goretti's debut cookbook.

She walked in wearing a printed skirt paired with a casual top, and a smile intact on her lips. The former veejay and now cookbook author, Maria Goretti looked as vibrant as ever, even when the sun almost burst over our heads on a Sunday afternoon!

We caught up with the beautiful Maria at Desi Deli's Andheri outpost in a freewheeling chat.

Did you expect your cookbook to be nominated for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards?

No, not at all. I’m very excited! I am new to this space, so when I was told that my book was nominated, I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, I am more than happy with the nomination irrespective of what happens next.

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What is the first thing you plan to do if you win?

The first thing I will probably do is throw a huge party and cook for everyone!

You have been cooking for some time now. Have you ever had any embarrassing kitchen disasters?

Many! Initially when I had just started baking, I wanted to try my hands at making bread. So I got a rough idea on how to make it from my father. But once it was done, it came out hard. My friends still remind me of the bread that I served them that day.

Have you ever thought of opening your own restaurant? What will you name it and what kind of food will you serve?

I do think about it. I have some wonderful ideas, but I think in reality it is quite a long-term commitment. And, I am done with commitments in my life! I grab every opportunity to cook for people, but I am a traveller at heart, so don't want to be tied down with a big responsibility just yet. But hopefully I will have one in the future.

Whenever that happens I would like to serve seasonal food - food that changes from time to time - made of fresh, healthy local produce. I think I will like to call it Café M.

What is the one dish you enjoy the most when someone else makes it?

My mom’s prawn curry. I have tried making it, but it never tastes the same. When she makes it though, it turns out to be outstanding.

Would you rather - never cook again or have horrible food every day for a week?

I’d rather not cook! I can’t deal with bad food.

If you were a spice, what would you be and why?

Star anise because I really like how it looks and smells!

What is your midnight dessert craving?

Chocolate or spoonfuls of Bournvita with bread and butter.

3 things we will always find in your fridge?

Butter, milk and yoghurt.

Quickly choose - Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsey or Sanjeev Kapoor?

Anthony Bourdain and Jamie Oliver, both.

Do you plan to write another book?

I think it would be about East Indian cuisine. I am an East Indian and we have a beautiful range of food with different customs and traditions so it will be a guide of sorts.

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