Midweek Crush: A Japanese Affair

Midweek Crush: A Japanese Affair

The best part about Bandra, is that it is always buzzing with new eateries. And the latest one gives us a glimpse into the street food cuisine of Japan. Harajuku (in Bandra Reclamation) is the latest addition to the plethora of cuisine options present in the area. This quaint little Japanese eatery has the most instagrammable décor that makes you feel like you are in Tokyo.

After taking New York by storm, the super cute Taiyaki have now become a trend in Mumbai as well. So what is a TAIYAKI? A Taiyaki is a cute fish shaped waffle that is filled with custard and ice cream. It’s that beautiful play of having something hot and cold, and both being sweet in flavor. The crispy waffle and the creamy custard make this a very balanced sweet treat.

With an over load of sweet crepes, several Taiyaki and Doriyaki (stuffed pancakes) options this place is a dream for the dessert lovers in the city.

This hidden gem serves both savory and sweet crepes. I tried the Meat Bonanza that totally satisfied my meat cravings. However the cheesy spicy sauce in the crepe was a little too over powering.

I am partial to anything that has Matcha in it. But the Matcha Ice cream at Harajuku is just next level excellence.

I had the Classic Sass and the Japanese Affair both really sweet and loaded with custard and ice cream. The Classic Sass stood out however as it had my favorite red velvet elements.

We aren’t really new to crepes and waffles anymore, but sometimes something so unique comes up that makes you crave for more.

If you are in Bandra and wanting a sweet fix? , then this should be your place.

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