Midweek Crush: Bombay Vintage Lunch Thali

Midweek Crush: Bombay Vintage Lunch Thali

Be it for a quick lunch or any festivity, Indians usually choose to celebrate with a thali. There is nothing more satisfying than a thali which is a complete meal in itself. So when I heard of the Bombay Vintage's Variety of Thalis I had to go and try it out for myself.

Bombay Vintage at Colaba has crafted the perfect thali with local , seasonal produce all made using different cooking techniques. This quaint cafe serves four thalis - chicken, mutton , seafood and vegetarian all showcasing elements from the different communities of Mumbai. What make these thalis stand out is the assortment of Malvani (Maharashtrian) , Gujarati and Parsi cuisine elements all packed in one thali.

The second the Seafood thali was placed before me I could smell the aroma of the crispy fried Bombay duck. The Gomantak Surmai was a spicy curry that tasted perfect when paired with the rice. Sukka Jawla (dried prawns) tends to be overpowering, but here it was cooked with some potatoes and veggies that balanced it out.

Being a seafood lover, I am obviously partial to the seafood thali (priced at a humble ₹445)

Having said that, I was equally impressed with the Vegetarian thali. The Palak Tendli really stood out, and I surprisingly finished the entire bowl. The red lentil aka Masala Masoor was cooked in typical Maharashtrian style. The dry Aloo Cabbage Poriyal was a perfect accompaniment to the beautifully fired puris.

I did try the Chicken Sukka and the Chicken Curry as well which was simply succulent and cooked to perfection in ghee. Finished all of this with a simple lentil Kheer , which wasn't too sweet but filling.

I have been wanting to visit Bombay Vintage for a while now, and this time, everything lined up perfectly . As the festive season is approaching, like all Indians I was craving for a quintessential thali and ended up exploring several cuisines through the Bombay Vintage Thali.

What added to my experience was the decor. The beautiful antique decor just adds to the ambience of the place. With trinkets that remind us of Mumbai's rich cultural heritage, this place is truly 'Bombay in a cafe'. A must visit for friends and family that are visiting from abroad or if you are in a mood for all things 'authentic Bombay'.

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