Midweek Crush: Foodie Greeting Cards by Akanksha

Midweek Crush: Foodie Greeting Cards by Akanksha

I owe my introduction to charity to a small classroom filled with big smiles. What started as a class project for credits, after college in a bylane of Colaba in 1994, taught me life lessons I would have never imagined. The Akanksha Foundation and the work they allowed me to do with them has been the greatest training ground of my life.

The non-profit Akanksha Foundation has been working with children from low-income communities for over 25 years now. Their mission is to provide a high-quality school and supplemental education to help transform their lives.

Art has been one of their strongest co-curricular programmes, and the good people at Akanksha have now opened up the world of art and entrepreneurship to further empower these most creative children. Art for Akanksha provides art-related career opportunities to the Akanksha children and alumni. I spotted this cute collection of foodie greeting cards while browsing one of my favourite stores in town, Baro. They come in a box of 12 and can be personalised with your name and message. Just in time for the upcoming festive season!

Buy a box of 12 cards designed by Akanksha students from the Art for Akanksha website or at Baro. The cards cost Rs. 675 for the box or Rs. 725 if you want them customised.

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