Midweek Crush: Hot Chocolate at Birdsong Cafe

Midweek Crush: Hot Chocolate at Birdsong Cafe

As the temperature in the country takes a dive (well a little dip as far as Mumbai is concerned) I am craving for some winter food to keep me warm. Some hot beverages are just made for lazy, chilly winter evenings. Hot chocolate tops that list. With bikini season nowhere in sight I decided to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate.

best hot chocolate, took me to Birdsong cafe in Bandra west

My search for the best hot chocolate, took me to Birdsong café in Bandra west. Known for their all – organic food, they serve some delicious and healthy food. I am a huge fan of their breakfast menu. But their hot chocolate is a must try.

Now I must inform you, that I am not a fan of sweet and don’t really crave sugar. So anything too sweet is just not for me. Afraid of getting an acute sugar rush I sipped my hot chocolate. And the sweetness was not over powering and was surprisingly light.

Birdsong Irganic Cafe Bandra

Over the years I have seen countless recipes on YouTube for the perfect hot chocolate. Chefs revealing the secret to what they believe makes the yummiest hot chocolate. Personally I would say it’s a pinch of salt but in birdsong it’s the natural flavor of the organic chocolate they use.

Hot Chocolate is that one beverage that feels like your grandmother's hug.

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