Midweek Crush: InstaCuppa Coffee Frother

Midweek Crush: InstaCuppa Coffee Frother

Getting yourself excited about a work day usually starts with coffee. And sometimes it takes a few cups. Now it is not always possible to go to your local barista and grab a cuppa. Sometimes you just have to make some coffee magic at home.

I claim to make decent coffee. The milk to coffee ratio is ideal and the sugar isn't really punctuated. Although making coffee at home is instant and pocket-friendly, it lacks the charm of coffee shop coffee. Coffee sans the foam/ froth is really boring.


In an attempt to give my homemade coffee a facelift, I decided to buy an instant coffee - milk frother. I browsed through several options online and settled for the one made by InstaCuppa.

When it came home, it felt light and compact. Almost encouraging me to take it along on my travels. I simply inserted two double A batteries and we were ready for business.

instacuppa 2

I made hot coffee and poured it into a mug and submerged the twirling end of the frother. Within 40 secs I had gorgeous foam on top of my coffee. It was like magic.

instacuppa 3

Now I know that buying a coffee frother seems like a ridiculous indulgence. But if you are a coffee lover and are accused of taking your coffee too seriously, I am sure you understand. The Coffee Frother is an excellent way to make that dull homemade coffee, glorious. Think about all those houseguests that will be impressed with this neat trick of yours.

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