Midweek Crush: Kefir by Mo's Superfood.

Midweek Crush: Kefir by Mos Superfood.

Move over kombucha, Kefir is the new fermented beverage we are all obsessing over.

So what is Kefir ?

Kefir is an ancient fermented beverage that is made from milk that has a similar taste profile to drinkable yogurt. But what sets it apart from other fermented foods is that, homemade kefir contains over 60 different strains of beneficial probiotics and yeast. This fermented beverage is excellent for your digestive system and immunity.

The gut is the epicenter of mental and physical health and by adding more good bacteria through probiotics and fermented foods to our diet we balance that center.

Mo's Superfood is a one stop shop for everything Kefir. From an all natural probiotic yogurt drink to Fresh cream cheese Mo's home delivers and also offers monthly subscription to consumers.

Founder Moina shifted to Mumbai from New York in 2015 and started Mo's Superfood. After struggling with muscle inflammation for a decade , Kefir and other fermented foods helped Moina fight her problem and be pain free. Kefir has helped her change her lifestyle completely and thats when she began her obsessive journey with fermented foods, gut health and the value of probiotics.

Mo's has managed to help several people fight their chronic indigestion problems. It is the perfect option for people looking to keep their gut clean and healthy while eating out.

Do visit Mo's Superfood website or follow them on Instagram to know more about what and how to order Kefir and other products.


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