Midweek crush: Madras Prop Store

Midweek crush: Madras Prop Store

Like every working millennial my weekday starts with scrolling through my Instagram feed. And if your Instagram is anything like mine, its full of delicious food, plated to perfection on beautiful backdrops.

Is it just me or the quality of food photos on Instagram has drastically improved?

Vintage props, artisanal crockery and photography boards have made food look unbelievably good. Maple syrup being drizzled over a Belgian waffle looks equally appealing as a basic dal-chawal plate, thanks to these stylish boards.

I had to get myself one. So I got in touch with Madras Prop Store in Chennai to order one.

I first started following this store when I came across it on Instagram. They sell textured boards that make any food item placed on them, stand out. After browsing through several options of backdrops they sent me, I finally chose a dark rosewood backdrop. The dark wooden board was complementary to vibrant Indian food that I placed on it. It was love at first shot.

I feel equipped to click those food photos on Instagram that makes everyone super hungry.

With boards and photography props starting at 500 bucks to up to 4000. This place has some trendy options if you are starting out as a food photographer.

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