Midweek Crush: Paushtik Ladoo

Midweek Crush: Paushtik Ladoo

Of all the things that we have adopted from the west, the health and nutrition bar trend, is the most popular. This increasing love for health and nutrition bars, made us wonder if there in an Indian equivalent.

Well move over health bars , we have our own version - the Paushtik Ladoo.

Health and Nutrition bars have been synonymous with 'a quick fix to mid day hunger pangs'. Its the one item that is easy to carry and eat while on the go. The health bar has gained popularity among the urban working folks since it is dry , easy to carry and healthy.

But another food item with the same qualities is Ladoo. Ingrained in our food culture the humble laddu is actually healthy, contrary to popular belief.

Godbole Stores in Dadar sells paushtik (healthy ) ladoos that are individually packed. This makes them perfect to carry in your purse and snack on, when you are hungry. The paushtik ladoos is made with multiple grain powders like nachni , soya bean , besan , methi and rava. This ladoo that is made with saajuk tup (pure ghee) is mildly sweet and absolutely filling.

Godboles serve a number of dry snacks that are perfect to carry along in your bag, but the paushtik ladoo stands out. The high grain content make them rich in fiber. Each ladoo comes packed in a small round casing priced 30 ₹ (packet of four is for 120). Godboles have been at the forefront of the faral business for decades now and their Diwali faral hampers are delivered to around 176 countries.

These Paushtik Ladoos are really versatile and you can consume them for breakfast or as a sweet treat post lunch making them our midweek crush this week.

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