Midweek crush: Sabudana Khichdi

Midweek crush: Sabudana Khichdi

Be it Navratri or any other festival where Indians observe fast, fasting food and what to eat is a constant question?The traditional method to celebrate Navratri is by fasting for nine days by giving up grains and consuming only fruits and liquids.

During this season of abstinence, the humble Sabudana (Sago) comes to our rescue. It is one of the most popular ingredient during the Vrat (fasting) season. It is consumed across different cultures and by people of different communities.

Contrary to popular belief Sabudana is healthy. Sabudana or sago is low in fat and if paired with the right vegetables can make for a filling breakfast or snack option.

Gaining popularity as the newest super food, these little Sadudana pearls can be cooked in innumerable ways to create some tasty dishes.

Just the thought of hot Sabudana Khichadi or crunchy Sabudana Vada makes us salivate making the Sadudana Khichadi our Midweek crush.

Now you can get a plate of this amazing khichadi at a restaurant near you (and we have mentioned where you can get it, below) but making this dish at home is also a good idea.

The recipe is absolutely easy and constitutes some basic ingredients.

Start by soaking a cup of Sabudana in two cups of water, overnight. This process drains the excess starch in the Sadudana and makes it easier to cook.

Drain the Sabudana an hour before cooing it and pat it dry to get rid of excess moisture. Crush half a cup of roasted peanuts and mix with the sabudana to make sure each pearl of dana is coated with the crushed peanuts.

Now chop on medium sized boiled potato, two green chilies and a handful of coriander.

You are ready to start cooking. In a medium saucepan / wok heat two spoons of ghee and add a tea spoon of cumin seeds (jeera). Let the Jeera crackle.

Now add the potato and chilies to the wok. Sauté’ till the potato becomes golden and crispy on the outside.

Add the Sabudana and half a teaspoon of salt.

Salt is a tricky ingredient during the fasting season, while some people eat salt that has been kept aside only to use for cooking Vrat ka Khana (food made for fasting season) some people totally delete it from their diet altogether.Find out what your Salt policy is at home and add salt accordingly.

Mix well for two to three minutes and sprinkle coriander on top.

Simple, delicious Sadudana khichadi is ready.

Another popular recipe is the Sadudana Vada, made by simply adding 2 more boiled potatoes to this mixture and deep fried into small balls (or tikkis). Sadudana Khichadi or Vada or Sadudana thaleepith, whatever you choose to eat, Sadudana will keep you full for long.

For Sadudana Khichadi head over to Aswad, Shivaji park for a sumptuous plate for 52 ₹.

The Sadudana Vada and the Sabudana Puri at Prakash Dadar, is a must try priced at 55 and 60 .

And if you are in the burbs, you must try the Khichadi (40 ) at Shree Datta Snacks and Sweets in Malad East.

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