Midweek Crush: Seafood Paella at Uno Más

Midweek Crush: Seafood Paella at Uno Más

At the end of a long, busy week, all you want to do, is have a bowl of your favorite comfort food. Those familiar flavors that remind you of home. Personally for me that has always been a big bowl of rice. From Rasam rice to Paella, any rice dish excites me. The Seafood Paella at Uno Más in BKC is one rice dish, which I think about a lot more than I should.

Rasam Rice

Paella is a one pan rice dish that comes from the region of Valencia in Spain. It originated in the Spanish farms as the farmers would throw in a few meats (chicken, snail, and rabbit) and cook rice along with it for lunch. Today the dish has become Spain’s identity and s enjoyed all over the world.

Spanish flavours

The Seafood Paella at Uno Mas is the perfect blend of Spanish flavours with Indian seafood. Shrimp, mussels and calamari along with the smoky paprika and garlic creates a ‘melt in your mouth’ moment. The rice dish gets its distinct colour from Saffron and tastes delicious paired with Sangria. Traditionally once the ingredients are thrown in the pan, they aren’t stirred. Sticking true to the tradition this Valencian dish is served in a huge pan with plenty of veggies and big wedges of lemon.

There is a vegetarian version for the vegetarians along with some Spanish classics like Patatas Bravas and good old Churros with chocolate dip.

The newly opened Uno Más is a tapas bar in Bandra –Kurla Complex , which feels like a quick trip to Spain. With its Moorish Architecture inspired décor, Uno Mas is bringing the Spanish Tapas culture to the busy office area of the city. Be sure to head there this weekend. They have a fantastic bar that make some amazing cocktails to wash down the Paella with.

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