Midweek Crush: Vegan Chocolate Cake

Midweek Crush: Vegan Chocolate Cake

My idea of chocolate cake is a sinful, decadent, luscious, gooey heaven. It’s sacred. However, what caught my eye this week is the vegan chocolate cake at Farmer’s Cafe.

I know what you're thinking! I was surprised, however, at how a dairy-free chocolate cake can be as satiating as a rich and creamy chocolate cake. Light and fluffy on the first bite, and dense and rich as I continued to feast upon it. A far cry from the usual sawdust-textured “health food”, the Farmer's Cafe vegan chocolate cake is every bit as indulgent as a chocolate dessert should be.

Veganism has a strong ethical argument, and when you choose a vegan lifestyle, you are also making food choices that lower the risk of heart disease, improve health conditions and help reduce contributors to climate change. This week, we are totally crushing on sustainably-minded Farmer’s Café and their vegan chocolate cake created from produce sourced directly from farmers in Nashik.

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