Midweek Crush: Winter Comfort by Ammiji Masala Monk

Midweek Crush: Winter Comfort by Ammiji Masala Monk

With the year coming to an end, the festivities have begun. Excessive eating and drinking during the festive season is a given. But this bingeing can lead to serious health issues. Now if you are anything like us, you need to protect your immune system in order to keep the party going.

Now it's no secret that there are certain foods that keep you warm during the colder months. And some specific spices that are good for the immune system. Consumption of certain foods and spices keep illnesses at bay. Ginger for cold and cough, cinnamon for congestion are just a few examples of illnesses that spices, help cure.

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To help us truly experience the power of the spices, Masala Monk has created a special Winter Comfort Spice blend. Masala Monk is company that makes pickles , jams , spice blends and other such fun preserves. Their Masala Chai blend is also a great pick for the winter season. Known as the Ammiji's Gourmet spice blend series, these blends are unique and have the power to take any regular cuppa to gourmet level.

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Part of the Ammiji's blends is the ' Winter Comfort by Ammiji'. Packed with jaggery, turmeric, ashvagandha, tulsi, green cardamom, ajwain and a few more spices this spice blend is perfect to battle anything the season surprises you with. The Turmeric is excellent for the immune system, while Tulsi battles the cold and Ajwain helps in digestion. All of this making this spice blend our last midweek crush for the year.

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This spice blend and mixing it in a hot cup of Chai is just the kind of care you need. With the festivities in full swing, hopefully this spice blend doesnt let you miss out on the fun. Obviously there are several ways to stay fit during this season of indulgence but we recommend this.

See you next year and keep crushing.


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