Mumbai Chefs & Food Bloggers Reveal Their Summer Food Mantra

Mumbai Chefs & Food Bloggers Reveal Their Summer Food Mantra

With temperatures soaring across the country, eating right becomes almost imperative. However, due to fast-paced lifestyles, we hardly work towards it. Junk food, oily meats and heavy meals are the most common mistakes we make with our diets even during the hot months.

Having said that, eating clean is the way to go during summer. Here's what Mumbai's top chefs and food bloggers have to say about their summer diets and how to eat clean during this time of the year.

Kalyan Karmakar, food blogger & cookbook author

During the summer season, I like to cut down on my meat consumption. Summer isn't the right time to eat meat anyway, instead I switch to eating vegetarian food and also like to reduce the spice in my meals. I prefer lighter spices like cumin or the Bengali panch phoron. The trick is to get in more flavour without the heat. Also, I try to incorporate curd into all my meals and swap my cup of coffee with some coconut water or nimbu paani to keep myself hydrated and refreshed during the day.

Chef Ajay Chopra, celebrity chef

Summer is great. I wait for the summer season for the sole purpose of being able to eat mangoes and go all out on as soon as I can get my hands on them. Melons are also a good thing to include in your diet during the summer season. Fresh fruits and drinks like a cucumber water work perfectly during the hot months. Also, try and opt for lighter vegetarian meals and keep away from the meats.

Saransh Goila, celebrity chef & cookbook author

For summers the one thing I usually swear by is coconut water. I also make a shake with the tender coconut water and the malai and this is a part of my everyday diet till the end of the season. The basic idea is to eat light. Avoid fatty and fried foods and switch to steamed or grilled foods. Salads with orange or lemon zest, fresh herbs or some watermelon work really well too.

Chef Vicky Ratnani, celebrity chef & TV show host

Including a lot of fresh salads and citrus flavours in your diet is a must during summer. Also, try to include coconut water and fresh vegetables like cucumbers that are known to keep you hydrated. Simple food is the key during summer and including a lot of yoghurt and poached food is good. I personally love to eat kimchee cucumber and lot of jamuns during this season.

Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal, food consultant & owner of APB Cook Studio

During summer, the basic idea is to drink a lot of liquids. I personally love to sip on infused waters during summer. The combination of spearmint and cucumber works really well. Another thing would be coconut water with sabja seeds and lemongrass that is a great way to cool down and is extremely healthy too. Eating light, like just simple dal and rice with some pickle or a fresh salad is just right for this weather.

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