Mumbai Chefs Walk Down Christmas Food Memory Lane

Mumbai Chefs Walk Down Christmas Food Memory Lane

Mumbai chefs professional chefs in Mumbai restaurant chefs in Mumbai top chefs in Mumbai (From left) Chefs Michael Swamy, Gresham Fernandes, Glyston Gracias (top) & Paul Kinny.

Did you know Chef Gresham Fernandes used to steal the marzipans while his mom made them? Or that Chef Savio's favourite cookies still remain the ones prepared by his mom during Christmas?

We spoke to some of the most popular chefs in Mumbai about their favourite Christmas food memories and here's what they had to share.

Chef Savio Fernandes, Executive Pastry Chef @ St Regis, Mumbai

I remember my mom used to make delicious chocolate cakes and snowball cookies. I loved them and still do. They take me back to my childhood and are one of my fondest Christmas memories. This year, I look forward to making and eating plum cakes and a chocolate plum pudding that I have come up with.

Chef Paul Kinny, Culinary Director @ Craft Deli

I used to live in a joint family, so everyone cooked together during Christmas and that is one of my fondest memories as a kid. Not only that, our entire neighbourhood would come together and get involved in the preparations during this time of the year. For Christmas, I personally enjoy making and eating rich plum cakes so that is something I look forward to along with a few East Indian sweets as well.

Chef Michael Swamy, Chef & Food Stylist

My fondest memory would be making Christmas treats with my grandmother as a child. We made sweets like kulkuls and I absolutely loved them. I definitely look forward to eating good Christmas duck and ham recipes and also look forward to making Christmas cakes this year.

Chef Gresham Fernandes, Head Chef @ Impressario

I remember stealing and eating marzipans before Christmas while mom was making them, and having lunch with the whole family on Christmas day when I was much younger. This year, I plan to indulge in Mary's Sorpotel. Mary is our family cook and has been dishing out the best food for us over the past 10 years.

Chef Glyston Gracias, Brand Chef @ Smoke House Deli

Christmas time brings back a lot of memories. The dinner spread always looks majestic with so much care and love that goes into every dish. Amongst all the family favourites, I’m most fond of the Suckling Pig with X-mas stuffing, Meat loaf, Lamb Moile, and the Christmas pudding for a sweet ending. This year, I’m planning to dish out a number of dishes that are inspired by my childhood memories of Christmas food - Bacon Wrap Meat loaf, Roast Lamb Rack Moile, and my all-time favourite Christmas pudding.

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