50+ Must-Visit Mumbai Restaurants Mapped

50+ Must-Visit Mumbai Restaurants Mapped

With a heavy heart, Shirin Mehrotra on May 18 announced to her Twitter followers that her days in Mumbai are numbered. The food writer decided to mark her last days in the city, which she called home for 15 years, by looking back at food haunts that have become her favourites over the years. India Food Network compiles her whole Twitter thread of must-visit Mumbai restaurants by neighbourhood.

Intentionally keeping out "usual suspects", Shirin refrained from naming some popularly-known Mumbai restaurants in her list and says they are "all affordable. I rarely eat at expensive restaurants." Take a bite out of this list that takes you on a culinary journey from Goregaon in the Western suburbs to Fort in south Mumbai, giving you a taste of traditional Maharashtrian and Konkani cuisine to hidden street foods from the financial capital's bylanes.

Whether you've lived here all your life, moved to the city recently or planning to visit for a holiday, Shirin's personally curated list of Mumbai eateries is a food trail waiting to happen. To make things easier for you, we also have the restaurants Mapped!

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Kala Ghoda Cafe

This tiny cafe in the art district of Mumbai is easy to miss so you'll have to keep your eye out for it. Shirin strongly recommends their Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake. "Best dessert ever," she exclaims and adds, "Eat it warm."


Seafood lovers, this one's for you! Shirin took a well-travelled and well-fed American photojournalist friend to the eatery and ended up with a lesson on eating "crab properly." Shirin tried their Mangalorean-style Crab Curry.

Yazdani Restaurant & Bakery

Asking her followers not to mind "the grumpy owner", Shirin says, "Pavs and Mawa Cake can't get any better."

Hotel Deluxe

While this eatery holds a special place in Shirin's life for personal reasons, she says, "The Kerala Sadya is epic here clubbed with Kumarakom Fish and Beef Fry."


This one was Shirin's lunch haunt for a year and a half. "Hands down the best Bisi Bele Bath and Curd Rice in Mumbai." She also recommends their Set Dosa. Shirin suggests checking out Star Cold Drinks, another eatery nearby run by the same owners.



Shirin swears by the Dhansak and Mawa Cake at this eatery in south Mumbai which is known for its Parsi food and baked treats.

Prahlad Petis Center

Shirin swears by the Farali Pattice at this eatery in Mangaldas Market in Mumbai's Kalbadevi area. It is "made with potato stuffed with coconut and peanuts," she says, describing what she calls "one of the most favourite snacks in Bombay."

Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

A conversation about Gujarati Thalis is incomplete without a mention of Thakkar Bhojanalya says Shirin. "Expensive, but also brilliant food."

Friends Union Joshi Club

After she recommended the eatery to a friend, Shirin says, "He ended up going there more than I did and ate every possible combination of their thali. The most humble Gujarati Thali place."

Kyani & Co.

One of the most famous Parsi bakeries and cafes in Mumbai, it is over a century old. Head here for their Keema Ghotala and Custard, says Shirin.



Most popular during mango season for their Aam Ras Puri, Shirin particularly loves Soam for their Undhiyu Puri. "Everything on Soam's menu is pure, unadulterated love," she adds.


Referring to this Maharashtrian eatery as her "favourite Sunday brunch spot", Shirin recommends their Misal Pav and Chai.

Vinay Health Home

This is another must-visit for authentic Maharashtrian fare, says Shirin. Always packed, patrons grab a seat where they can find one. Despite being a small eatery, it's touted for its hygienic conditions.

Om Shanti Bhuvan

This restaurant in the lanes of Girgaon is known as much for its authentic Maharashtrian food as its budget-friendliness.

Sujata Upahar Gruha

Another excellent find for traditional Maharashtrian food. Their Pineapple Halwa is a must-try!

Hiralal Kashidas Bhajiyawala

This was Shirin's "go to breakfast place" when she was living in the neighbourhood. Apart from their Bhajiyas which she says "all of them are good", she also recommends their Undhiyu. "One of the best in the city made with loads of green garlic." Go during winter, she suggests.

Locho Joint

Hidden in one of the city's small lanes, Shalimar Juice Lane to be specific, Shirin calls this one an "amazing locho joint".

Tewari Brothers

With disdain for the much-hyped A1 samosas, Shirin tells her followers to try the Samosa at Tewari Brothers. "These are crisp, fried in desi ghee with masala that reminds me of Lucknow."


Shirin loves the eatery like it's her own home. "I ate Kheer here 14 years ago when I was new in Bombay, and it was heaven away from home," she recollects. While she loves everything at the restaurant, it's hard not to after it reminds you of home, her recommendations include Baingan Bharta, Rajma, Daal, Aam Ras.

Cafe Dela Paix

Shirin belongs to Team Chai, and her day doesn't begin without a cuppa. "Waking up in a house without any chai patti was tough love. So we found a place that has the best Mint Chai," she recollects and doesn't forget to mention the "polite owner". "Go meet Gustad and say hi."


Matruchhaya Hotel

She describes this eatery as a "hole in the wall kind of place", but it has "great Malwani food," informs Shirin. She recommends their Kombdi Vade and Fish Thali.


The Bombay Canteen

Among some of the few 'expensive' exceptions in her list, Shirin says, "Not an inexpensive or old place but it's done more for Indian food (in the city and globally) than any other restaurant of this level has. Love the philosophy they work with." The Jowar and Barley Salad at The Bombay Canteen is her favourite.

Shashikant Lunch Home

The Mutton Thali, Keema and Prawns over here make Shirin's mouth water. "Food is spicy though," she warns. So make sure your spice setting is on high when you head to this eatery "next to Deepak (now Matterden) Cinema."


Ladu Samrat

Any list of best restaurants in Mumbai for Maharashtrian food must mention Ladu Samrat. Shirin recommends their Dalimbi Usal and Puri along with their Piyush.



While this one is no hidden secret, says Shirin, she recommends skipping their Misal Pav and trying their Amba Daal instead, "It's the best thing on the menu." Their Ukdiche Modak, available around the year, is another must-try.

Gomantak Boarding House

The long queues outside this restaurant don't deter the foodie in Shirin. "I'll wait forever in the queue outside this restaurant to eat their Teesrya, Prawns Fry, Fish Curry and Crab."

Tambe Arogya Bhawan

Shirin began the exhaustive list of must-visit restaurants in Mumbai with her favourite. "My absolute favourite for Misal Pav, Kothimbir Vadi and other Maharashtrian snacks," she says and adds, "It's over 75 years old now and gives the typical old khanaval kind of feel."

Juice Shop, Dadar TT

"This juice shop near Dadar TT deserves mention for its Nimbu Paani (they make it with Khadi Shakkar)," she says.


Ram Ashraya

"This place needs a thread of its own," she says. "Best Sheera, best Mysore Onion Dosa, really good Bisi Bele. Ramashray is forever love."

Arya Bhavan

Shirin made many south Indian delicacy discoveries at this eatery thanks to her friends. She exclaims that her life changed after trying their Paniyaram, and it's also where she encountered the "gift of Brahmin Idli". She strongly recommends their Molgapodi as well.

Hotel Ganga Vihar

This one gets a "quick nod" from Shirin just for the memories. "Go and eat Aam Ras Puri here," she says.

Lucky Dragon

She may be biased she warns but "maybe this place really serves one of the best Chinese food in the city." The owner of Lucky Dragon was the former chef at China Valley in Prabhadevi and is half-Chinese himself, informs Shirin. She recommends their Chicken Noodle Soup, Paneer Chilli Dry and Burnt Garlic Rice.

Amba Bhavan Coffee Club

"Easily the best Filter Coffee in Mumbai," says Shirin. She also recommends the restaurant for its old world charm which she describes as "unparalleled".

A Ramanayak Shri Krishna Udupi and Boarding House

Simply naming this restaurant is enough says Shirin, whose father is a fan of the eatery too. "This place has my heart and space in my stomach forever," she says emotionally. "Their meals are beautiful and so is their ideology. Also, Aam Ras is bomb!"


Chawla's Dhaba

Shirin's two years living in the Sion-Chembur area led to several culinary discoveries. One of them was this restaurant which she learnt about from a friend's blog. "The old-style tandoor at the entrance blew me over," she says and adds that you will find the best Kulche Chole in town at Chawla. Don't forget to try their Chaas.


Udaya Lunch Home

Shirin loves their Appam, Veg Stew and Mutton Stew. "They also do Chilli Fry Prawns. Super spicy and super awesome!"

Vig Refreshments

When she was living in Chembur, this was Shirin's favourite restaurant and missed it sorely once she moved out. She recommends their Chole Bhature with a tall glass of Chaas, and says their Pakwan is "superb".

Sainath Kulcha

"Great kulchas but not so great chole," says Shirin. It's a tiny place but "worth a visit."

Mani's Lunch Home

This eatery used to be in Matunga and has now shifted to Chembur, informs Shirin. "Meals are comforting, Chetta (their oldest server) is always smiling, and Mysore Pak is beautiful."



Run by a Goan woman, this restaurant in Mahim serves home-style seafood. "Best Prawns Rawa Fry in Mumbai," says Shirin. "Eat a Fish Thali here, down Sol Kadi, go home and sleep."

Sneha Restaurant

Shirin describes her years spent in Mahim as the "most precious" and recommends Sneha for their Kerala food. Her usual order at the restaurant was "Beef Fry and Porotta followed by Yethekaaapam (Deep Fry Plantain)."


RTI Canteen

This one is a "Ratan Tata Institute initiative," informs Shirin, "You'll get Parsi snacks like Chutney Sandwich, Farcha and Cutlets."


Although she doesn't quite like the food at the popular Bandra eatery, their Chutney Sandwiches get a starry-eyed Emoji from Shirin.

Imbiss Meating Joint

Calling it "rightly named Meating Joint," Shirin exclaims, "What amazing steak and sausages."


Crediting it for the "best Japanese and Thai food in the city", Shirin suggests trying the Chicken Gyoza, Salmon Teriyaki Rice and Sushi at Seefah. Not only does Shirin love the restaurant but also Chef Seefah who was formerly with San:Qi at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

This is one restaurant where Shirin doesn't mind splurging her money. "Everything on the menu here is amazing especially the Tuna Jerky," she says.

Highway Gomantak

Shirin says her list of must-visit Mumbai restaurants would be incomplete without a mention of this highway-facing restaurant. "Every damn dish here is amazing," she says and recommends their Prawns Rawa Fry, Fish Fry, Sol Kadi and Teesrya. "Love their mutton preparations also."


Ten One

Appearances can be deceptive, and that's the case with this eatery in Juhu says Shirin. "It's a new place, looks like a generic Gujarati joint but the food is superb," she informs her followers. She recommends the Mangalore Buns, Bene Dosa and Thatte Idli at Ten One.


Suraj Lama's Momos

Honouring this eatery in Versova's Seven Bungalows as the "best Momos in Bombay", Shirin says rest of the momo haunts in the city don't stand a chance. "The sauces they make are superb and perfectly thin momos."

Guru Da Dhaba

Since Shirin's list is mostly dominated by eateries in south Mumbai, she balances the ratio by recommending Guru Da Dhaba in Andheri. It's their homestyle food that keeps Shirin coming back for more. "Everything is so good," she says. Shirin recommends their Moong Dal, Mooli Ka Saag, Karele Ki Bhurji.

Bhojohori Manna

It "might not be the best Bengali food you've ever eaten," she warns, "but Luchi, Chicken Shorshe, Kosha Mangsho and Aaloo Posto is pretty good." For those with a sweet tooth, Shirin recommends their Noren Gur Ice Cream.


Sapre & Sons

Shirin loves the Sabudana Khichdi at this restaurant apart from their Misal, Amba Piyush and Kokum Sharbat.


Blossom The Fusion Spot

You may have heard that Sardar in Tardeo is the place to go for the best pav bhaji in Mumbai, but the hype over their butter-laden bhaji has gradually become passΓ©. Shirin discovered Green Pav Bhaji at Blossoms thanks to a friend's recommendation. "I was apprehensive of eating green pav bhaji but loved every bit of it. Even better when it's raining," she says.



Kutumbsakhi is "a collective run by women that makes Maharashtrian food," says Shirin. You can vouch on them for traditional Maharashtrians treats like Puran Poli, Tel Poli, Modak and Masale Bhat. "It was started by the wives of mill workers when the mills shut in the '80s," continues Shirin, peppering her list with trivia about the city.

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