Nandita Iyer-‘Stars in the Kitchen’

Nandita Iyer-‘Stars in the Kitchen’

Let us introduce you to the real Nandita Iyer, the palate behind the bestselling cookbook, ‘The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian’, and the face behind ‘SaffronTrail’. Today, we shall delve into who Nandita really is, and how her astro-chart makes her the chef she is. Born on 13th January, Nandita’s sun placement in the 10th house (the house of career and self-authority) in Capricorn, tells us that here is a person who is born to be a successful businessperson and entrepreneur. This position gifts Nandita with goal-driven drive and ambition, and persistence that rests only when difficulties have turned into triumphs.

For a Capricorn, food is important as the fuel that allows them to get things done. Cooking is not a skill that comes easily to them, but when they do take it up, they focus upon health and simplicity. Long-winded recipes that demand high levels of skill and training in the kitchen is certainly not what will appeal to the Capricorn. Pick up any recipe of Nandita’s that you love, and you shall see exactly what I mean. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity. Nothing that a Capricorn does is without that strong intent to succeed backing it. Not deterred by setbacks, they persevere till they get it right, and this is why every recipe in Nandita’s book comes tested several times till it passes this ‘Goat’s’ high standards of expectation.

Like the personality of a Capricorn, Nandita’s kitchen shall be well-organised, down-to-earth, with no unnecessary gadgets that are pretentious and not entirely useful. And with her sixth house in Virgo, her attention to detail is praiseworthy, though a scattered Gemini might call her OCD. With Uranus in Scorpio, and Pluto in Libra, Nandita is a curious blend of the traditional and the innovative. Using traditional knowledge of healthy cooking (Virgo sixth house is all about health), Nandita likes to break out of the mould, and put her own unique twist to food. Though one eye shall sharply be upon public appeal (remember the Capricorn moves towards success), the food that Nandita prepares and offers must first appeal to her.

One recipe that surely defines her as an individual is this Easy Roasted Raddish Recipe.

Recipe here

With a Pisces Ascendant, the hard-headed Capricorn has a soft, compassionate heart. Seeing anyone go hungry shall at once touch a core in this well-grounded chef who shall prefer to teach another how to cook and earn a living, rather than give a plate of food that serves a short-term purpose. Chaos in the kitchen shall certainly bother Nandita, who, with True Node in Libra, abhors unpleasantness, conflict and crassness.

Beautiful spaces, some great art on the walls, good wines, well-served food, and meaningful conversation is what relaxes Nandita, and simultaneously inspires her. She enjoys travel, and trying out new dishes that others might shy away from. And this Capricorn and MC Sagittarius shall have no hesitation in calling ‘a spoon, a spoon’. No wonder she is a great blogger! Go on, you wonderful Goat, climb high, and don’t stop till you reach the peak. But, you don’t need me to tell you that!

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