National Cookie Day: 5 Of Our Favourite Cookies In Mumbai

National Cookie Day: 5 Of Our Favourite Cookies In Mumbai

nutella sea salt cookies nutella cookies cookies in Mumbai mumbai cookies Nutella and sea salt cookies from Sweetish House Mafia. Photo via Instagram

Cookies can warm any soul. When the going gets tough, a warm chocolate chip cookie and a mug of hot coffee always work.

On National Cookie Day, we tell you 5 of our favourite cookies in Mumbai.

Nutella and sea salt cookie @Sweetish House Mafia

When 5 PM hunger pangs strike, trust these gooey Nutella and sea salt cookies to be your saviour. The sweet and salty goodness go perfectly with our coffee too.

Cookie sandwich @The Rolling Pin

On days when we want a fancy cookie, we rely on The Rolling Pin's cookie sandwich. There's cream cheese, mousse cream and chocolate sandwiched between two plain cookies.

Chocolate chip cookie @Indigo Delicatessen

We are done praising about the thin crust pizzas, the quiches and the delicious cocktails at Indigo Deli. Today, we are going to talk about the soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. Have you tried it yet?

Cookie pizza @Playlist Pizzeria

If you want a dessert to fulfill all your sweet cravings, the cookie pizza is for you. Expect a freshly-baked giant cookie served on a skillet with three scoops of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce!

Ice-cream cookie sandwich @ 145 Kala Ghoda

With two of the best desserts in one, this ice-cream cookie sandwich is the best you can get. With four delicious flavours, nothing spells happiness better!

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