Our Christmas Potluck Was A Hit! Here Are Our Tips

Our Christmas Potluck Was A Hit! Here Are Our Tips

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Potlucks mean food, and lots of it. We, at India Food Network, ushered in the festive spirit with a Christmas potluck recently and boy it was a feast!

Typically a potluck is where everybody decides to get one dish and eventually end up with a variety of food. The team at Ping Network came together to decide the menu as per everybody's tastes and preferences almost two weeks in advance for this. We not only shared what we cooked for everyone, but also food stories and recipes!

Given our experience of organising our first Christmas potluck, we bring you some tips to host one for your jing-bang.

Get someone to be in-charge. The key to a successful potluck is good planning. That said, have someone supervise, which includes menu planning, coordinating with the group and deciding the portions of each dish. Don't let too many cooks spoil the broth.

If the group is big, cut down on the portions. Whoever is in-charge of putting the potluck together needs to ensure that there is no wastage. When there's too much variety, people mostly end up tasting the dishes to avoid overeating. So, take a head count and do the math.

Avoid duplication of dishes. Variety is crucial when you are hosting a potluck. Since nobody wants to see the same dish making a dual appearance on the table, you got to decide the menu carefully. Even if the recipe is different, it's better to avoid duplication.

Check for meat preferences. Although goat meat and pork have several takers, it is best to go with the most popular choice of meat ie chicken. Do get a head count for those eating non-vegetarian, and check for their meat preferences.

Don't forget to arrange for accompaniments. Indians love their curries, and therefore, do not forget your rotis, rice and even items like salads and raitas. When there are too many volunteers for main dishes, there is less scope for accompaniments on the table. So, keep that in mind while deciding the menu.

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