Our favourite food scenes from 6 Christmas movies to get cosy with this season

Our favourite food scenes from 6 Christmas movies to get cosy with this season

Admit it, we all wanted a sip of that hot chocolate from The Polar Express

It is a fact, universally acknowledged, that food connects people in a way that nothing else does. This is evident from the way we associate different foods to seasons, festivals and even movies. A recurring theme in all our beloved christmas films is the delicious food. From a royal roast to flavourful hot chocolate, christmas pies, cakes and more; food is what makes holiday season special. This winter, we bring you a list of the most wholesome and drool-worthy food from some of our favourite Christmas movies. 'Tis the season to be a film foodie!

The Santa Clause

Santa is very particular about his dessert, and so are we. Which is why we can hardly blame him for wanting just the right amount of gooey chocolate in his chocolate chip cookies with a creamy ganache. From the cheesecake to the iconic hot chocolate, each sweet makes the movie even sweeter.

Home Alone 2

Oh, what we would give to be left alone in a hotel room with a "highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner", all to ourselves. Add an ice cream sundae that comes via room service, and it's a party. Home Alone truly made us believe that the best Christmas is spent by loving yourself with some self-care. Really, what more could we ask for?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

The Grinch stole Christmas with his famous roast beast. This movie is iconic for more than one reason. Binge it on a pre Christmas weekend morning with breakfast in bed. This great feast is an absolute classic as it is everything that Christmas stands for - from the colours to family get togethers, this is just proof that food unites us.

The Polar Express

There is nothing better than a cold winter evening with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hand, watching Polar Express. You get two of your favourite things at once - Tom Hanks and a steaming cup of chocolate. Although we'd suggest you to not try dancing while holding that mug (it burns).

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A Christmas Story

If you ever feel bad about messing up your Christmas dinner, this scene is a must-watch. Known as one of the greatest food moments in a Christmas movie ever, you will find yourself either scurrying away from a roast duck the next time you see it or smiling through the course as you reminisce about it. The waiters may not sing to you, the duck won't be smiling, but that's okay.


As the Elf has rightly said, In the North Pole, there are only four kinds of food - Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. So when you see Spaghetti doused with maple syrup, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Especially when it has an additional dose of sweetness with chocolate sauce, mini-marshmallows, sprinkles, M&Ms and pop tarts. You can't help but agree that as a seven-year-old kid, this looked like the perfect fantasy.

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Everybody knows that the holidays are for family, good food and comforting movies. These memorable dishes from the silver screen are bound to take you back to the good old days. Rewatch these favourites and create these meals to gift yourself a merry Christmas. Something tells us you're not going to be alone in this.

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