Pancake Tuesday: 5 Recipes To Start Your Day With

Pancake Tuesday: 5 Recipes To Start Your Day With

pancake day, pancake tuesday, pancake recipes, chocolate pancakes, healthy pancakes Wholewheat chocolate chip pancakes. Photo: India Food Network

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday is celebrated on the day preceding Ash Wednesday before Lent. A tradition started in the UK is now followed across the world, because who doesn't like pancakes?

In older times, people made pancakes on this day to use all the rich, sugary items in their pantry before Lent started.

Here's our ode to Pancake Tuesday - 5 pancakes that are wholesome, delicious and gorgeous.

Wholewheat banana choco chip pancakes: Goodness of health and indulgence in one pancake! Who wants?

Red velvet pancakes: Love red velvet cupcakes? Here's a beautiful pancake using red velvet flavour.

Banana oatmeal pancakes: Made with oatmeal and bananas, these pancakes make for a wholesome breakfast.

Banana & poppy seed pancakes: Give a twist to your regular banana pancakes by adding poppy seeds to it.

Jhola gur pancakes: This one comes from the Bengali kitchen using liquid jaggery or jhola gur. Care to try it?

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