Party Snacks You Should Try This Holiday Season

Party Snacks You Should Try This Holiday Season

"So what's the New Year's eve plan ? " is a question that we are all either asking or answering.

The New Year is almost here and we are all busy planning our New Year's Eve plan. Now you might be a big bash kind of a person or someone that just likes to enjoy with close friends at a house party. No matter what your style is , party snacks are a must have. Sweet or savoury , here are some party snacks that you must indulge in.


Everyone's favourite dip makes an appearance at the party. Hummus is the perfect party dip and tastes amazing with everything from carrot sticks to chips (or lavaash). Packed with garlic, this dip is absolutely delicious. Can be made in various ways and with multiple flavours. Beetroot hummus, pesto hummus are a few popular options. But good old regular Hummus still remains a hit. You can obviously buy some but here is the recipe , if you want to make it at home, here is the recipe .


Prawns Koliwada

For all the seafood lovers out there, this is a recipe that will surely please you. Prawns Koliwada is batter fried prawns, that is crispy and juicy. The combination of crispy and spicy makes this party snack absolutely irresistible.

You can also use this recipe to make a vegetarian variation , but if you eat seafood this is one recipe you shouldn't miss out on.

Nacho Chips

A complete hit with people of all ages , this party snack is a complete crowd pleaser. Nacho chips are perfect when accompanied by Guacamole or salsa. Nacho Chips are quick to make and really tasty. This party snack is a popular bar food option. Here is a recipe for you , if you want to make it at home.


Tomato Crostini

Popularly known as Bruschetta, this snack is vegetarian and can also be made in a jain friendly way. Famous with Italians as a party favourite , this tomato crostini is sure to make everyone happy. The tomato makes it sweet and tangy and if topped with cheese makes for a great savoury snack. Here is the recipe if you plan to make it at home.

Chicken Spring roll

Spring roll has been around for a while. And this crispy and savoury snack is a hit at every party. Adding chicken to this recipe will only make this recipe better. Hot and crispy spring rolls dipper in a spicy dip is perfect for any party. This version of spring roll is surely something that will make everyone happy.

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