Most People Don't Have Access to Their Grandma's Recipes

Most People Dont Have Access to Their Grandmas Recipes

It might come as a surprise that 65% of working professionals cook by themselves and they spend 1-2 hours every day to cook. Then again, India is a nation that reveres home-cooked food and elaborate recipes that involve tons of simmering, chopping and frying.

70% of the respondents learned to cook early because they like cooking

Japanese online recipe sharing platform Cookpad conducted a survey with 1200 users across multiple cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, to understand their cooking habits.

72% of the respondents were female since the survey primarily revolved around home cooking across Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities. 45% of the respondents were in the age group of 25-35. 51% of the respondents were working professionals.

Here are some of the other interesting findings from the study:

Working professionals seek easy to make recipes (we’ve got you covered there), easy to use appliances and instant access to groceries online. Given that they’re actually taking time out to cook, we’d say they deserve all that and a lot more!

70% of the respondents learned to cook early because they like cooking and not because of marriage. Only 22% of them started cooking after marriage. We think cooking is a lot more fun when it’s a passion and not an obligation – so that comes as a relief!

57% of the respondents learnt cooking from their mothers or relatives. Then again, cooking is always evolving and not everyone is that fortunate. In those cases, you’ll always have IFN and our trusty chefs to fall back on!

54% of the respondents keep a track of their calorie intake. And that’s rather important because if you have health issues, chances are you might have to give up some of your favourite foods. Speaking of which, have you taken a look at our healthy recipes?

Almost 80% of the respondents look for new recipes through mobile and the rest through desktop. Now isn’t it a good thing that is completely mobile optimised? So you can plan for dinner even while you’re riding home in the local train.

60% of the respondents said they experiment in their kitchen and always look for innovative recipes. If that’s you, go try the eggless Goan kalkal recipe for Christmas and this wonderful avocado chutney instead of the usual tomato and coriander chutneys.

79% of the respondents don’t have access to grandmother’s recipes. We think it’s rather important to preserve great recipes for future generations. Why don’t you start by maintaining a recipe logbook that your grandkids will one day refer to?

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