Eat From the Heart: Shabbir's Tawakkal Sweets

Eat From the Heart: Shabbirs Tawakkal Sweets

Eat From the Heart is a touching new series from IFN about the people and stories behind the food we all love. From a son who gave up his desk job to launch his mom’s food enterprise to home cooks who have spent their entire lives making sure their guests are fed before their families, each film features a story that is in equal parts memorable and delicious.

In this episode, IFN goes behind the scenes at Shabbir’s Tawakkal Sweets to meet the young man who is keeping his grandfather’s dream alive. We taste their Ramzan bestsellers - Malpua and Firni - to get a taste of the magic that has people travelling to them from far and wide. Join us on this journey for a peek into the life of a sweet shop that makes Mumbai just a little bit sweeter.

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