Midweek Crush-White Owl Beer

Midweek Crush-White Owl Beer

Some of us love spending our weekends dancing all night in clubs while some of us can’t get ourselves to step out. Either way, what definitely binds these two people together is - Beer!

For us party goers craft beer is available across hundreds of Bars and Restaurants across the country.

White Owl is a Mumbai-based, Award-Winning Brewery renowned for handcrafting beer using the finest of natural ingredients from around the world. White Owl was earlier available across Pune, Goa, Bengaluru and Delhi but what we are most excited about is that White Owl has launched its bottled craft beer in its hometown – Mumbai.

We are all set to 'Netflix and Chill' armed with White Owl. Not only that this gives us a chance to bring our parties home and share with our loved ones, a cold bottle.

Introducing their beers-‘Spark,’ a Belgian Wit with Summery Orange-Citrus notes; ‘Diablo,’ an Irish Red Ale, loved for its hints of Caramel; and ‘Ace’, White Owl’s popular and bubbly Apple Cider Ale with a Bold Sweet-Apple finish.

A little about the beer and what you can pair it with Diablo; contains moderate malt and is a super easy drink. The red hue comes from the roasting of barley and the caramel packs a unique punch in the flavour. It goes best with poultry and light sandwiches. For the weight watchers out there grilled chicken pairs best and for the vegetarians out there roasted veggies are a must.

Spark; creamy and smooth to drink. It tastes like a absolute refreshment and it’s the beer to start with when you’re new to beer or craft beer. It is said to accompany desserts like a dream! The orange undertones pair perfectly with chocolate. This beer makes for a perfect after meal drink.

Ace; this surely leaves a sweet apple after taste in your mouth. Very refreshing and goes oh so well with blue cheese. It’s said to pair with everything that goes with Apple. Also perfect to pair with creamy pastas, meaty curries and other hearty dishes. In a nutshell this beer is the one to go with your main course.

With the incredibly low price point attached to it, we are sure we are set to throw a party. White Owl has launched Spark at an MRP of Rs. 120; Diablo at Rs. 140; and Ace at Rs. 140, per 325 ml bottle respectively.

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