Photo Of The Day: Sneak Peek Into Amrita Raichand's Holi Special Shoot

Photo Of The Day: Sneak Peek Into Amrita Raichands Holi Special Shoot

amrita raichand, amrita raichand shoot Amrita Raichand is ready to pipe her macarons. Photo: Rituparna Roy

Our favourite chef, Amrita Raichand was at the IFN HQ to shoot for her Holi special recipes. We sneaked in while the shoot was on, just when she was piping the colourful macarons!

Earlier in the day, Amrita was part of our Women's Day Special Facebook Live, which was streamed simultaneously on Persicope, Instagram Live as well as YouTube Live. If you missed catching the action from the Live telecast, here is the link.

WATCH: Women's Day Special Facebook Live with Amrita Raichand

Amrita's latest Holi special recipe will be out soon. So, subscribe to her channel if you haven't already!

Being Amrita: The Chef & Beyond

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