Planning to turn vegan like Virat Kohli? These easy recipes will help you get started at home

Planning to turn vegan like Virat Kohli? These easy recipes will help you get started at home

Salads, dips, stir fry and dal - it's all in there.

In 2017, in a candid conversation with Gaurav Kapur in the show Breakfast with Champions, Virat Kohli extensively talks about his fitness routine, his diet restrictions, how he hasn't eaten butter chicken in four years, and his early days in Delhi. He speaks at length about how he monitors his eating habits carefully, prefers having seafood, lots of greens, and a large pot of green tea as a part of his meal routines. But shortly after, in 2018, he announced that he was turning vegetarian. And then, a few months ago, he converted entirely to veganism. The choice doesn't come as a surprise as Virat Kohli has never been the one to undermine fitness and health and is greatly inspired by his wife and Bollywood actor, Anushka Sharma who has been vegetarian for a few years now and vocal about her love and concern for animals.

With a new future as parents to the daughter, Vamika, the couple is bound to be mindful of their diet now more than ever. That's why we thought of putting together a list of favourite vegan dishes, which is going to be helpful for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, and anybody else looking to make the switch, really.

Radish leaf and coconut salad:

Tossing crunchy radish leaves into a salad with coconut, mustard oil, green chillies, bread croutons and feta cheese makes for a nice side at the dinner table. Recipe here.

Cashew Mayonnaise:

A blend of easily available ingredients like cashew nuts, onion powder, lime juice, mustard powder and salt makes this mayonnaise a go-to dip/spread for parties and brunches. Recipe here.

Pumpkin dal:

To add nutrition to your dal, try cooking it with pumpkin and spices. Best enjoyed with brown rice. Recipe here.

Tofu bhurji

A few vegetables, spices and grated tofu come together to give you this bhurji with a vegan twist. Recipe here.

Pesto pasta

Toss the pasta of your choice in a pesto paste made with basil leaves, garlic, lime and cashews to fix the perfect meal for movie night. Recipe here.

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