Pop-Up Alert: Enjoy A Karavali Seafood Feast In Mumbai

Pop-Up Alert: Enjoy A Karavali Seafood Feast In Mumbai

chicken sukka,sukha chicken, sukka chicken, mangalorean sukka chicken, mangalorean pop up, pop ups in Mumbai Chicken sukka is a Mangalorean specialty. Photo: India Food Network

For all those of you who are unfamiliar with the food of Karnataka's coastal region, this one should be on top of your list.

Karavalli cuisine centres around seafood and primarily uses coconut to flavour its dishes.

Authenticook's Karavali Seafood Feast will give Mumbaikars a taste of Mangalorean fish preparations in the home of host Prabha Kini. The menu offers prawn curry, fish fry, prawn pulao along with chicken sukka, fluffy idlis, payas or kheer and more.

What: Karavalli Seafood Feast by Prabha Kini

Where: Santa Cruz, Mumbai

When: Sunday, February 26

To book, click here.

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