Pop-Up Alert: A Nawabi Daawat From Awadh And Hyderabad In Mumbai

Pop-Up Alert: A Nawabi Daawat From Awadh And Hyderabad In Mumbai

Maliha Khan, pop up in Mumbai, Mumbai pop ups, popups, royal feast in Mumbai Mumbai-based Maliha Khan was born in Lucknow.

Imagine sitting in Mumbai and relishing a royal feast from the kitchens of Awadh and Hyderabad. Sounds tempting enough?

This weekend, get a taste of a nawabi daawat at Goregaon, where Rajkumari Maliha Khan will be hosting a lavish spread featuring Awadhi and Hyderabadi delicacies.

Mumbai-based Rajkumari Maliha Khan's royal connection - her father Amir Naqi Khan is the Rajkumar of Mahmoodabad (in Lucknow) - is reason why you'd get to eat from a menu that reflects the rich legacy left behind by the kings. In this case, Maliha learnt Hyderabadi cuisine from her mother, and Awadhi recipes from her father.

At the pop-up in Mumbai, Maliha has planned a delicious mix of the two cuisines. So there's Lakhnavi Galawat ke kebab as well as Hyderabadi khichda apart from a variety of Indian breads, choicest of meat preparations and more.

What: Royal Brunch with the Heiress

When: April 23, 11am

Where: Royal Palms, Goregoan (E)

Cost: Rs. 1600

To buy tickets, click here.

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