Pop-Up Alert: Eat Shark Meat Cooked By This Koli Home Chef

Pop-Up Alert: Eat Shark Meat Cooked By This Koli Home Chef

food food events mumbai koli food sea food events in mumbai food events A traditional Koli thali. Photo via Authenticook

If you are from Mumbai or have lived here long enough, you would have definitely heard about the Kolis. They are one of the oldest communities of the city and mostly reside near the coastal neighbourhoods. Being so close to the coast, seafood is their staple - everything from fish to lobsters to squids, the Kolis love their seafood and the only thing they pair it with is rice, which again is an important part of their diet.

If you are curious about regional food and have never eaten the food of the Kolis, this pop-up should be on your agenda. Drop by at Versova Koliwada, and enjoy an original meal prepared by Rajini, who believes in cooking with the freshest of seafood.

Start your meal with Mori fry - chunks of shark meat dipped in a batter and fried, Kolumbi cha ambat - a tangy prawn gravy with rice and bhakri, and Khobrya cha khirapat for dessert, which is a dish prepared with roasted coconut and mawa. There's squid kheema and surmai fry too!

What: Dine with Kolis by Authenticook

When: October 22, 12:30 pm onwards

Where: Versova Koliwada, Mumbai

Price: Rs. 1,050 per person.

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