Quarantine Cooking: Kadhi Chawal, Comfort Food At Its Best

Quarantine Cooking: Kadhi Chawal, Comfort Food At Its Best

Coronavirus has caused panic, scare and above all made us attentive towards our surroundings. On the brighter side, it has given us a break from the usual. Most people are staying in, staying safe, taking the necessary precautions etc. While all of that is happening, most of us are also working from home in this time when social distancing and self-isolation is of utmost importance.

We at India Food Network thought it's a time when we all see a dire need to cook at home and that's why sharing recipes that are both quick to make and delicious, so that you can stay healthy at home becomes our agenda. Every day, we'll be posting one of our favourite recipes that can be prepared using readily available ingredients.

We're calling this series of posts as "Quarantine Cooking" as it's best to eat & enjoy food that you have in your pantry and to be frugal during these difficult times. Having said that, we feel that, it shouldn't be boring to eat at home either.

So, here is a recipe of kadhi chawal that we think is super delicious and ridiculously easy to prepare.

We chose to pair our kadhi chawal with achaar of course & you could eat it with papad too! Kadhi Chawal is prepared differently across India; some eat it with pakodas, some eat it plain, others spicy and some love it white! Although, everywhere it is eaten with rice or khichadi! Such dishes bring out the gamut of culinary past in this country, a food history that we should appreciate in times like these!


1 cup Dahi

1/4th cup Besan flour

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp salt

Add a cup of water. Now mix it well. Cook on flame for 5 mins till its rawness disappears. The kadhi will thicken. Add water according to the consistency desired.


Mustard Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Dry Red Chillies

Fenugreek Seeds

Curry Leaves


Add the tadka to the Kadhi & serve hot with rice!

We encourage all you fellow food lovers to tag us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in the recipes that you are posting to be inspired from. At the same time, if you have any food-related questions feel free to ask us & we'll be happy to answer your questions with utmost sincerity.

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