Quinoa Upma & Buckwheat Omelettes: Health Rules At These Bandra Eateries

Quinoa Upma & Buckwheat Omelettes: Health Rules At These Bandra Eateries

gostana mumbai gostana healthy restaurants gostana bandra healthy restaurants in Mumbai Chicken salad at Gostana. Photo by Facebook

Mumbai's evolving foodscape is witnessing a resurgence of sorts, especially in a locality like Bandra where health food scene is buzzing. We are referring to 'farm fresh', 'organic meats' and the likes - words that were everyday while growing up. The city has welcomed health food with open arms, and why not? With unhealthy lifestyles, these restaurants are doing everything they can to woo fitness freaks.

Today, we list out some of the top eateries in Bandra, known for serving healthy food with a twist. You will find buckwheat omelettes, soy bean burgers and quinoa upma!

Birdsong - The Organic Cafe, Waroda Road

Situated on Waroda Road in Bandra, The Birdsong Cafe does not use refined flour and white sugar in their foods. Drop by after your morning run for the granola bowl or the Lemon Coriander Risotto with amaranth, rosso millet and quinoa on a lunch meeting. If you are a coffee lover, order the cakes at the counter, which are typically made with jaggery cane sugar. The Gluten-Free Pasta with Walnut Sauce is a healthy pasta lover's dream, and Mutton Stew with Brown Rice is for those who cannot think of a meal without rice!

popeye pasta healthy food in Mumbai healthy restaurants in Mumbai The Bagel Shop the bagel shop in bandra Popeye pasta at The Bagel Shop. Photo via Facebook

The Bagel Shop, Carter Road

This cute and cozy cafe at Carter Road is popular for their bagels - multi-grain, poppy seed, flax seed, wholewheat to name a few. Their Smoked Salmon with Philly Cheese Bagel is the talk of the town, and we agree. If you are looking for light bites, their Hummus Bagel and Tuna Pesto Bagel are our go-to snack in the evening. And if you have stuffed yourself with too many calories this week, eat clean with the Power Salad packed with farm fresh veggies and a choice of meats, tofu and cheese. The gluten-free desserts are also worth trying.

Suzette Creperie, Pali Hill

Our fave crepe joint is also known for its gourmet salads. What's more, they also have DIY salads where you can customise your own bowl with whatever you wish. Choose from Kale, Detox and Quinoa Salads. The breads are organic and made fresh daily for a whole range of sandwiches like Vert, which is packed with the goodness of avocado, feta and sun-dried tomatoes.

suzette suzette mumbai health restaurants in mumbai mumbai mumbai restaurants suzette healthy food suzette salads Farm fresh salads at Suzette. Photo via Facebook

The Yoga House, Carter Road

Quinoa upma, anyone? Okay, this Bandra restaurant is all about gourmet health food. With an impressive salad menu, Yoga House surely delivers. The Macrobiotic Sprout Salad has everything you need to fight those calories, and the Booster Salad is for those who love beets. Quinoa lovers have a lot of options - Signature Quinoa Burger, Bowl of Quinoa Taboule and Quinoa Pesto Salad among others. If you are around Bandra during breakfast time, do give the Yogi's Breakfast a shot.

the bombay salad co bombay salad co in mumbai mumbai restaurants healthy restaurants in mumbai healthy bandra restaurants bandra eating out healthy food in bandra Almond milk at The Bombay Salad Co. Photo via Facebook

Bombay Salad Co., Linking Road

Bombay Salad Co. will allow you to make your own salad with a choice of meats, fruits and veggies, a crunchy element, cheese and dressings. From baked sweet potato and grilled tofu to ragi crackers and Za'atar lamb mince, the choices are varied. Made with pure, fresh produce sans any additives, BSC delivers with their regular salad and sandwich menu. The kale and sweet potato soup is made without any butter or cream, and the smoothies can be made with cashew, coconut, almond or soy milk. Pretty cool, eh!

Gostana, Linking Road

Gostana's mantra is simple and that is turning junk or fast food into a healthy option. Their burgers are legendary, and made of wholewheat and multi-grain options. Some interesting burgers are the crunchy Seven Pulses Burger, Lamb Burger, Soy Bean Burger and Spinach and Cottage Cheese Burger accompanied by a salad. If you are a salad person, pick the Tuna or the Smoked Chicken and Greens Salad. Wash these down with your favourite smoothie or shake, which you can opt to be made with soy milk too.

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