Recreate Your Favourite Fast Foods at Home

Recreate Your Favourite Fast Foods at Home

We all know that fast foods aren't healthy. However, if you make them at home, you'll have a greater control on the ingredients, portion size and cooking method. A burger out of your own kitchen still won't win any health food awards. But, it'll save you money and win equally precious accolades from your darling family and friends. So here are are ten popular fast foods that you can recreate at home without much fuss:

1. Beef Burger with Rustic Potatoes

The recipe is long but you can skip the sides and prepare just the burger. Replace beef with any minced meat or even minced soya and you'll still have a tasty burger.

2. Chicken Pizza

This is a simplified, tawa version that you can easily make in a jiffy. The secret to cooking the pizza well is to cover it with a pan after adding the toppings.

3. Vada Pav

If you're a Mumbaiite, you should definitely master this recipe for we eat it so often! And if you live elsewhere, make this for an irresistible taste of India's maximum city.

4. Veg Pizza

This is THE recipe to follow if you're looking for something close to what you get at popular pizza chains. The recipe shows you how to make the base as well. Happy cooking!

5. Samosa

Here is another delicious recipe by Sadaf Hussain. While many people know how to prepare the masala, they wonder how to get that conical shape with the dough. This recipe solves the mystery.

6. French Fries with Yogurt Dip

This recipe ensures that the fries are crispy and slightly spicy. But for the blander, double-fried version that resemble fast food restaurant fries, check this video.

7. Masala Puri Chaat

Since most of you might already know how to make bhel, here is a recipe for chatpata, sweet and spicy masala puri. Add some beaten, hung and sweetened yoghurt and it becomes dahi puri.

8. Idli Sambhar

Geetha shows you how to make fluffy, soft idlis. But what about the accompanying sambhar and chutney? Coconut chutney is easy to make - just grind coconut pieces with some green chillies and salt and add a tempering of mustard seeds on top. For sambhar, refer this video.

9. Medu Vada

Hot and crispy medu vadas are ridiculously addictive. And while it might take some skill to pry these babies off the banana leaf without losing their shape, their deliciousness makes this recipe worth a try. Plus, practice makes perfect.

10. Masala Dosa

What is it about potatoes that they feature in so many lip-smacking fast food recipes? If you already have great dosa batter lying at home, it would be a crime not to churn out some scrumptious masala dosas. And if not, here's how to make dosas.

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